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Customer service excellence


Business trainer: Anna Lebedeva

15 – 16 июня

Target group of the training course

Program is designed for all employees communicating with customers or users during everyday job.

Aims and goals of the seminar
  • To help the participants to develop structured approach to customer service.
  • Teach effective methods of dealing with different types of clients.
  • Teach participants how to deal with difficult clients and handle claims.

Topics covered during seminar

1. Stages of servicing process

What steps have to be made in order to become successful in servicing clients?

What are internal and external clients?

2. Policy of servicing and servicing standards

What is meant by «Client is always right»? What is customer orientation? Who is in charge of qualitative customer orientation?

3. Establishing contacts

How to produce the right impression on the client?

4. Searching for clients needs
What needs client might have? What are the ways to get to know what your client needs? How to determine the type of your client?

5. Satisfying clients needs
How to overcome clients’ expectations and keep him as our client forever?

6. Dealing with difficult clients
How to deal with demanding, angry, indecisive, and talkative clients? How to deal successfully with claims.

7. Control and feedback
How to evaluate effectiveness of your work. Plan of skills development.

Methods used during seminar
  • Interactive training methods
  • Group work and practical tasks
  • Role-plays and business games.
  • Video filming and consequent evaluation.

Duration of the course: 2 days.

Each course participant receives the certificate of completion.

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Для того чтобы стать участником бизнес-тренинга,
Вы можете позвонить в департамент по работе с клиентами,
по телефонам: (095) 727-15-97, 919-96-06

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