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Performance appraisal interview: feedback, coaching and employees development


Business trainer: Anna Lebedeva

22 – 23 марта

Target group of the training course

The course is created for Heads of Sectorsand Department Managers.

Goals of the course

  • Training course gives instruments of management of motivation of your employees, achievement of goals and loyalty to the values of the company.
  • The course participants will learn how to set the goals, analyze correspondence of the activities to the goals and tasks of the working place.
  • Managers will learn how to support self assessment in the employees, open feedback and development.
  • Managers will learn how to give correcting and supporting feedback and successfullyconduct the performance appraisal interview.
Topics, covered in the course

1. Development of your people
Why and how can you develop your people ? What methods of people development does the manager have? Performance appraisal interview as a tool of people development.

2. Values of the company and productivity at the working place

What working place is attractive to the people? 12 factors of satisfaction on the working place – research of Gallup international. Level of satisfaction on the working place and productivity/ Values of successful companies.

3. Key areas of work and goals in each area

How to transform goals into the tasks and results of work? SMART Objectives. How to analyze the goals and tasks the manager sets from the SMART point of view.

4. Coaching as an instrument of people development

Goals and main principles of coaching. Coaching in goal setting. What is emotional intelligence? How to develop you emotional intelligence?

5. Coaching in communication or performance appraisal interview with the subordinate

Sir John With more GROW model. How to draw attention of your subordinate to goals and results. Frame of outcome, result. Main coaching rules. Shared responsibility of manager and subordinate.

6. Miracle questions

How to ask the right questions at the right time? Values approach. How does the coach – manager sees the subordinate?

7. How to give the correcting feedback?

Why do we rarely five the feedback? The volume of feedback different employees can consume. How to give corrective feedback. Analysis of the training video and practice.

8. How to react to criticism

Choosing the right reaction. Analysis of the information. Transactions analyses of Eric Bern. Assertive behavior.

9. How to praise the employee

The procedure of giving praise for the job well done, why does the hamburger principle does not work? (+-+) How to give usable and constructive feedback? Culture of giving the credit and praise in the company.

10. How to conduct the Performance Appraisal Interview

Procedure of performance appraisal interview. Preparation and analyses of topics to be covered during the interview. What are the typical mistakes the manager and his subordinate during the performance appraisal interview, how to minimize those?

11. Conducting the dialogue

Dialogue tools: rapport, backtracking, Parts of the interview: analyses of the performance for the year, values. Setting the goals for the period. Conclusion of the interview. Planning the first steps.

12. Plan of implementing the skills.

Methods of the course
  • 20 % of theory and 80% practical examples and situations.
  • Group tasks.
  • Analysis of training video films.
  • Role plays and business games.
  • Video-filming the role plays and business games with further analysis (upon request).

Duration of the course: 2 days.

Each course participant receives the certificate of completion.

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