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Situational leadership and effective team management

Business trainer: Anna Lebedeva

5 – 6 апреля

Target group of the training course

The course is created for Heads of Sectors.

Goals of the course (the participants will)

  • Know different styles of Leadership (Heashey and Blanchart model )
  • Understand the level of readiness of your employees
  • Know how to choose and use different 4 Leadership styles
  • Know how to manage productivity
  • What can the manager do in case of productivity falls
  • Know how to build the effective team
  • Lead the team to higher productivity
  • Communicate in “leader-team” relations
  • Support and develop the team spirit, loyalty and participation in the employees
  • Raise the initiative of the employees and support the more effective achievement of the goals
  • Discuss the real cases and problems with the colleagues

MODULE I. DAYS I & II. Preparation to the module

Managers fill the questionnaire with 20 typical situations in which the manager shows his styles of management. During the course these answers will be discussed and effectiveness of usage of different styles will be measured and developed.

Topics covered in the course

1. Management system

What modern organization demands from the manager.

The management cycle. The most important functions of the managers at each stage of the cycle. Management is based on knowledge of the people psychology and on the skill of assessing personalities quickly.

2. Situational Leadership Model

Difference in Managers’ and employees’ tasks. Two pyramids – Responsibility and Reaction. Situational Leadership model and philosophy.

Main terms of the model of Situational Leadership. 3 main skills of Situational Leadership.

3. Assessment of the situation

The picture of the situation. The sphere of competence – skills, motivation and personality. Professional competence of the employee. Professional motivation of the employee.

4. Level of readiness of the employee

4 levels of readiness of the employee. Development of the skill of assessing the situation and levelof readiness of the employee.

5. Flexibility of the manager

Direction in management style. Support in management style. 4 leadership styles as combination of direction and support. How can the manager choose the leadership style that effectively correlates with the readiness level of the employee.

6. Partnership

How can a manager choose the optimal style of leadership depending on the level of readiness of the employee. “Not enough” management and its consequences. “Overmanagement” and its consequences. Match and mismatch of management style to the level of readiness, Practice in choosing the adequate management style to the level of readiness of the employee and using 4 styles of leadership with 4 levels of readiness of the employees.

Leadership Laboratory:

Analysis of your natural leadership styles and their effectiveness in different situations at work.


1. Preparation to the module

Managers fill the questionnaire of Meredith Belbin on tam roles. During the module they will receive explanation what tasks can be delegated to the employees who have certain roles in the team. роль в команде .

Topics covered in the course

1. How to build the effective team?

What is an effective team? When should we build a team?

How the team develops? Major teambuilding laws. Kenneth Blanchart’s model.

2. Team roles

Individual players and the team OR individualities in team? How does each person’ s personality influences the team performance Can you find out who do have in your team? Team profile – how can you interpret it and work with it? Meredith Belbin’s model.

Setting the standards and team rules:

How can we establish team models of behavior and information exchange. Team contract. How can you help the team members feel included in the process of decision making?

3. Problem solving in a group

Development of the team task solving under a deadline. Systematic approach to task completion and problem solving.Behavior of the team members in stressful situations and under time constraints.

4. Barriers in team work

Possible barriers in team work and ways to overcome them. Leaders role in stressful situations.

5. Comfortable climate of partnership
What are the rules of behaviour and communication in the team? How can you make the team members change the uncooperative behaviour? What are the basic team motivators? How can you provide them to the team members?

Methods of the course

  • 20 % of theory and 80% practical examples and situations.
  • Group tasks.
  • Analysis of training video films.
  • Role plays and business games.
  • Video-filming the role plays and business games with further analysis (upon request).

Duration of the course: 2+1 days.

Each course participant receives the certificate of completion.


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